Welcome to DED Poetry.

A resting place for the weird, absurd, surreal, nonsense

we call poetry.


1-5 poems in a Word or PDF document.

Visual poems are acceptable, send as a high quality jpeg.

To make work the most acessible, if possible also include a "text only" version of visual poems.

Brief third person bio (50 words or less).

Simultaneous submarines are cool with us.

If you get an acceptance, please wait until the next month to submit again,

in other words, you can only be featured once per month.

We will publish previously published work if it:

is from your poetry book or if the original online pub no longer exists.

Please provide the book title, or original publication information so we can properly attribute it.

If you have Twitter include your handle so we can tag you when your poem goes live.

Make it weird, make it ded.

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