NOVEMBER 21, 2022

Break a leg

Take this. It’s the next step in human evolution.

Enhance your productivity. Redoubled.

Take on another part-time job. You have four now. Just look, you're making more money than ever before.

Someone should write an article on your exemplary ability to multitask.

Cognitive overload.

Roadside billboard ads driving down the road. Satisfaction guaranteed. Coming soon. Like us on social media.

Instill a sense of urgency. It has been tested on pilots and other workers who get tired from long hours and inadequate pay.

Makes boring tasks easier to do.

It will increase your efficiency with no side effects. Habitual thinking subsides.

We are not promoting this we are merely providing you the option. Equip people with where, how, and the means to get it. Information reach.

One good way to hide things is in plain sight. Sell it through messaging. Pay social media influencers to advertise it. Sell it. Have the characters casually take this in the television series. Sell it. Each episode, 14 episodes per season, 7 seasons.

Have the messaging mainstream. Make it just enough that it isn’t quite but just about. This will support quarterly expectations.

Oh my, you are getting so rich. You have wisdom to impart. Running commentary. Others envy your certainty.

Check the time, it’s 4 in the morning, wake up it’s time to grind. Somebody wins, somebody loses. Be a winner, don’t be a loser. You can buy a fourth, five, six house. It’s definitely not excessive. Think of it more as a long-term investment that your kids and grandkids can fight over.

Better than ever. Clenched jaw, grinding teeth, and readiness to attack.

Record soaring profits. Blame the hourly workers for wanting better pay. Living in America is the ultimate spiritual test.

Let this make life easier. Refrain from questioning, it's only misdirected anger.

Quietly devolving into a rant. Take this. We need you to take it. You have to take this.

Passive income revenue stream. The entrepreneurial spirit. Respond to market needs. Analyze the current and forecasted trends.

Lessons learned and achieved are applied. Demonstrate your relevance in today’s market economy.

Be ready to face the day.

Go break a leg.

Jack C. Buck is the author of the books Deer Michigan and Gathering View. He lives in Boise, Idaho. For more of his writing, visit: www.jackcbuck.com