NOVEMBER 10, 2022

No corpses in the alpine bedrock

Biography of a series

scars the posts between sieges

, an ocean of perversity

, the engine of self-denial.

Broken upon crater intentional

next to ideas planted

transparent within

decades of endurance

(Think PIECE :::

boundaries topical

& fly ON the WaLL

, a coma

slithering tissue)…

Against FoG

, slaphappy vaRieTy of

fish LeFt

in Disarray.

Sold a peapod to

corner the corn MaRkEt.

Cornea [although adrift grid system trolley car plea]

going hand IN fist [cuffed] rocket

of supernova springing

weasel VICE



intersecting morality

facing dirty skin : malnutrition

semblance of

pale crumbs.

Mining CHAIN

of gradual ambiguity


turn around cupboard

yeast locked PaLm

skyscraper prospect


calculation carriage

, armed robbery

BeLoW freezing

POINT, privilege, apartment,

grains of euphoric bodies

cursing blizzard

nostril pavements.

Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker. He is member of C22, an experimental writing collective. You can find links to his published work at