NOVEMBER 16, 2022

Special Edition

Learn how to be untouched with a stripper

co-worker whose customer buys her

the collectible Barbies you never

take out of the box — at least the proper

girls won’t. Why she, not you, carries home this

acquisition —a special edition

in a royal red gown with lace gold stitched,

a jeweled tiara, choker — positions

its undisturbed pink box upon the shelves

custom built by her handyman spouse

while you shake breasts and pigtails by yourselves

to Aqua, untouched as dolls inside her house.

Who knew when you took cash to bare it all

you would become a special edition doll?

Kristin Garth is a womanchildish Pushcart, Rhysling nominated sonneteer and a Best of the Net 2020 finalist, the author of THE MEADOW (a novel from Alien Buddha Press, October 2022) and 26 more books of poetry and prose. She is the dollhouse architect of Pink Plastic House, a tiny journal.