NOVEMBER 18, 2022

Dream #2

After I took four pregnancy tests and they all said I was

carrying twins

I blindly walked to that cafe

Pastel and smoky, on the corner of the street where a

something or other used to be

We sat around round tables like Arthur’s men and dissected a frog poem

saw its guts and gore and heart and eggs

Analyse the guts, drink the beer, eat the full English

What function does that metaphor have?

Analyse the gore, drink the beer, eat the sandwiches

Why are we seeing the poet’s inner being?

Analyse the heart, drink the beer, eat the meat and veg

The words swell, they puff up, don’t they

Analyse the eggs, drink the beer, eat the warm cookies

And now we end on the deterioration of all he knew

I go home. Check the time. It’s backwards

My roommate swings around the corner and onto my windowsill

I want to push the silliness out of him

make the street sweeper sweep him gone

Millie Godwin (she/her) is a freelance editor and writer. She enjoys cuddling up with her dogs to watch the same five shows over and over again, reading, and practising tarot and earth-based witchcraft. Her poetry has been featured in Sixpence Society Literary Journal and Ink, Sweat & Tears.