NOVEMBER 25, 2022


I lay here, disintegrate

into the mattress

Pull the covers over like

the lid to my coffin

Feel my veins intertwined with the

Fabric, the roots of my grave

My fibres a feast for the scavengers,

Picking the threads of flesh from

My frame

My bones now a cage

Protruding from the bed I

Made for myself

Becoming a home for the corpse fauna

Flourishing in my wake

I lay here; disintegrate

Cover myself in dirt

Like the bedsheets

That hold my broken body

My skin rotting

Decaying stains

Yellowing the cotton

In my nightly coffin

My essence seeping into

The earth

Exposed to the vultures

My ribcage

Pitching a shelter

For my innocence

To flourish in my wake

I lay here, disintegrate.

Samantha Lee Curran is a poet, writer and editor of trash to treasure lit. Her work has been published through Stereo Stories, Anaerkillik, Mamamia, SourCherry Mag, Witch Way Magazine, among others. Samantha is attending an Artist's Residency in France in 2023. Twitter: @slcurran & Instagram:@s.l.curran